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Thomas H. White's - reasearch about early radio in the US
The Sarnoff Story - Nice site on the history of David Sarnoff's work and the Sarnoff Corporation
History of the CBC and Radio in Canada - The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's History Site. Living as close as I do to the Canadian Border, I have had the pleasure of listening to one of the really great radio networks. The CBC has produced some of the best radio in the world.
A History of Broadcasting in the San Francisco Bay Area - by John Schneider
Farnsworth - Early Television, and a brilliant mind.
One of the Best Collections in the Northwest - There are other fine collections of radio on the internet. This links to one of the very best, and though this fine collection is not open to the public, it ranks as one of the best collections of early radio in the Pacific Northwest. Also it is an example of a well done display of antique radios and early electronic equipment using the internet. The Bellingham Antique Radio Museum RECOMMENDS a visit.
Radiola Guy - For those of you who wish to purchase a vintage radio or TV, want excellent restoration work done or view part of his personal collection, the Bellingham Antique Radio Museum recommends The Radiolaguy. I have known the Radiolaguy for many years, and can personally vouch for his excellent work and for his honesty. He is located in SW Washington and is a member of the Northwest Vintage Radio Society.

I have added this link because the Bellingham Antique Radio Museum does not sell radios, and we are often asked where to buy an old radio, or where to have a true restoration done. Though there are many excellent resources around the country, this is one which the Museum has used and one which can be trusted. JW.

ReelRadio - Time Travel from with ReelRadio. One of the most interesting Radio Sites on the Net. Be sure to listen to: 1966/ABC Chicago - 1985 KRLA - 1984 WLS - 1962 KROY - 1960 KIMN
Some of the Best radio in the world... Check them out.... DW Radio(Germany
BBC Radio(England)
CBC Radio(Canada)
RFI Radio(France)
The above Stations represent some of the best radio brodacasting there is. I recommend taking the time to listen to these stations now and then...with the advent of audio streaming they are just a click away.
Nostalgia Air - Schematics, tube substitutions, manuals, tips and training for the antique radio collector can be found at this site. Nostalgia Air is is a great resource to the world of radio collecting. We take out hats off to Richard Lancaster for providing us with useful information and for his contribution to the communuity at large.
Kids Science Projects and Information
Some other interesting sites worth visiting The Antique Wireless Association, Inc.
Shortwave/Radio Catalog
Antique Radio Classified

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