Marconi Speaks.... His vision of the future of Radio - We should build a page that gives a little history about Marconi and the recording itself.
The Bellingham Antique Radio Museum's collection
You can view a sampling from the Bellingham Antique Radio Museum's collection. You'll find full color photos and brief descriptions of each item. There are radio sets, speakers, microphones, tubes, coils and more. Maybe you will find something that matches the old radio you've had in your attic for years!
The Sounds of Broadcasting
You can listen to radio history right on your computer! If you have the RealAudio plug-in for Netscape you fully explore some of the more historic broadcasts ever made. Plus there are a number of clips of radio entertainment shows from the early days of broadcasting as well as a variety of early advertisments. Some of these companies have been at it a long time!
A-B-C of Electricity
A primer from 1917

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